April 18th 2019

An Introduction To Amazon DSP (Amazon Advertising)

Amazon’s advertising platform has come a long way in the last few years, with many agencies and brands moving part of their budgets from Google or Facebook to Amazon. Our Media Director gives an introduction to Amazon DSP…

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January 3rd 2019

Top 3 PPC Predictions For 2019

The paid advertising landscape has changed drastically in recent years. In our latest video, Caroline, Flaunt Digital’s PPC Manager, shares her top 3 PPC predictions for 2019…

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November 12th 2018

How To Use Amazon Advertising For Black Friday

Amazon continued its advertising push with the recent unification of its ad products to create ‘Amazon Advertising’. We take a look at how e-commerce brands can make the most of Amazon Advertising to boost sales on Black Friday…

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October 23rd 2018

Spotify For Brands: How To Advertise On Spotify

An abundance of online platforms have recently launched their own self-serving advertising networks for brands. We take a look at some of the key things you need to know before advertising on the global music streaming service, Spotify…

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October 10th 2018

Google Launches Shoppable Images Ads

Following in the steps of Instagram and Pinterest, Google recently announced the launch of Shoppable Images Ads. Check out the latest episode of Industry Spotlight to hear our take on the news…

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July 27th 2018

Google Brings Hotel Ads Into Ads Platform

Google recently announced at its ‘Google Marketing Live Summit’ that it will be bringing Hotel Ads into the main Google Ads platform with the launch of a new campaign type. What will this mean for businesses in the hospitality & events industry?

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May 16th 2018

Google AdWords Launches New Responsive Ads

Google AdWords recently announced its latest version of Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). In the latest episode of Industry Spotlight, we discuss what this new ad format consists of and how paid search specialists can use it to optimise their campaigns…

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March 23rd 2018

How To Limit Overdelivery In Google AdWords

Back in October 2017, Google AdWords introduced a new rule whereby your campaigns can spend up to 100% of your budget on a daily basis. Chris explains how PPC Managers can easily regain more control of their AdWords campaigns using a free script…

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March 7th 2018

Google AdSense Launches New Ad Format ‘Auto-Ads’

Google AdSense recently announced the roll-out of a new ad format, ‘Auto-Ads’, using machine learning to optimise the placement and frequency of ads. Chris, Lee & Jamie discuss what marketers need to know about the new ad format…

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November 28th 2016

Facebook Advertising for Lead Generation Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how Facebook can help boost your business leads?  We’re here to help you get to grip with the basics and teach how to start generating more qualified, targeted prospects today. Facebook for business is helping business’ everywhere get their product or service in front of relevant audiences, and we’d like to

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June 17th 2016

An Introduction & Best Practices To DoubleClick Bid Strategies & Automations

 Depending on the size and portfolio of your client, bid management software with automated bidding tools can really be worth their investment, saving time and money. Any accomplished search specialist will tell you how only weeks, even months of manual testing can provide you with the right insight to develop a robust bid strategy.

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