April 15th 2020

Why Google Thinks SEO Is Great For Your Business

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog is one of the foremost resources for web developers who want to ensure their sites are optimised for the search engine’s organic ranking algorithms. When the blog’s writers share best practice tips to help your website reach its intended audience, it’s definitely time to sit up and take notice. That’s why

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May 23rd 2019

Video Frame Rates: What Do They All Mean?

As one of the most important technical aspects of videography, knowing the correct frame rate to use can be the difference between success and failure. In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about the most popular frame rates…

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May 2nd 2019

What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Flaunt?

For those of you that follow our on-site blog, you’ve probably asked yourself the question “What does Flaunt even mean?”. After years of being asked this question, we decided that it would be useful to explain the answer in detail…

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April 18th 2019

An Introduction To Amazon DSP (Amazon Advertising)

Amazon’s advertising platform has come a long way in the last few years, with many agencies and brands moving part of their budgets from Google or Facebook to Amazon. Our Media Director gives an introduction to Amazon DSP…

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March 28th 2019

How To Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Did you know that 80% of people will never return to a ‘slow’ website? We discuss the importance of a fast website with some tips & recommendations on how to improve your site’s speed…

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March 21st 2019

Quick Wins For Schema Mark-Up

Schema mark-up was introduced to improve the way search engines read specific information on a webpage. We discuss some quick wins for implementing schema mark-up on your website…

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March 14th 2019

Top 7 WordPress Plugins For 2019

Plugins are one of the most popular ways to improve and manage any website with a CMS. Our Web Developer, Sam, highlights some of the most essential plugins to implement on your WordPress site in 2019…

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March 5th 2019

Top 10 CMS Platforms For 2019

In 2019, CMS platforms are the go-to solution for building, managing and optimising any business website. In this blog, we take a look at the top 10 CMS platforms right now…

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January 22nd 2019

Top 25 Digital Marketing Tools For 2019

With new technologies and marketing channels constantly popping up, the role of a digital marketer is certainly getting tougher. We highlight 25 of the top digital marketing tools for 2019…

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January 17th 2019

How To Use AWS Organizations

AWS’ ‘Organizations’ feature is a great tool for businesses managing multiple clients with multiple projects. Our CTO, Jamie, discusses how to use AWS Organizations…

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January 3rd 2019

Top 3 PPC Predictions For 2019

The paid advertising landscape has changed drastically in recent years. In our latest video, Caroline, Flaunt Digital’s PPC Manager, shares her top 3 PPC predictions for 2019…

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December 18th 2018

How To Write A Killer Blog Title

Ever wondered if your blog title is as good as it could be? Daniel, our Search & Content Executive, shares some of the best practices he follows whilst putting together blog titles…

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December 6th 2018

Our Favourite Christmas Ads Of 2018

Ever since the early days of Coca Cola’s Christmas ads, the holiday season has been closely associated with high-budget advertising campaigns. We round up some of the best Christmas adverts from 2018…

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November 27th 2018

The Evolution Of Mobile Phones: 1973 To 2019

Technology has come a long way since the launch of the first ‘mobile phone’ in 1982, and it’s been a thrilling journey! We take a look at some of the best mobile phones through the ages, from the Nokia 1011 to the iPhone XS…

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November 12th 2018

How To Use Amazon Advertising For Black Friday

Amazon continued its advertising push with the recent unification of its ad products to create ‘Amazon Advertising’. We take a look at how e-commerce brands can make the most of Amazon Advertising to boost sales on Black Friday…

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October 31st 2018

DuckDuckGo Reaches 30 Million Queries Per Day

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focussed search engine, recently hit the milestone of 30 million search queries per day. We discuss our take on the news in the latest episode of our Industry Spotlight series…

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October 29th 2018

Facebook Announces The ‘Portal’ & ‘Portal+’

Facebook recently announced that it will be taking its first steps into the hardware market with its ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal+’ devices. We discuss what this could mean for Facebook and the smart-devices race between Google and Amazon…

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October 26th 2018

Instagram Co-Founders Leave Facebook

Earlier this month news broke out that Instagram’s Co-Founders had made the decision to leave Facebook after eight years at the company and six years at Facebook. We discuss the news on Industry Spotlight…

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October 23rd 2018

Spotify For Brands: How To Advertise On Spotify

An abundance of online platforms have recently launched their own self-serving advertising networks for brands. We take a look at some of the key things you need to know before advertising on the global music streaming service, Spotify…

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October 12th 2018

How To Create Better Social Content By Being More Visual

As audiences demand more visual content, social media can be the perfect environment to use more creative formats to boost engagement and increase sales. Victoria Greene shares her top tips for creating better visual content in her latest guest blog post…

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October 12th 2018

September 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

September was an exciting month for the Flaunt Digital team, making the move to new offices in the heart of Leeds city centre! We have an equally-exciting content round-up to whet your appetite…

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October 11th 2018

Amazon Launches ‘Storefronts’

Amazon recently announced a new feature known as ‘Storefronts’, allowing U.S. SMEs to have their own ‘Storefront’ on Amazon’s ecommerce platform. We take a look at what this could mean for Amazon and the wider ecommerce community…

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October 10th 2018

Google Launches Shoppable Images Ads

Following in the steps of Instagram and Pinterest, Google recently announced the launch of Shoppable Images Ads. Check out the latest episode of Industry Spotlight to hear our take on the news…

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October 9th 2018

Everything You Wanted To Know About Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps have been rapidly gaining momentum in the developer community. With global brands such as Starbucks and Twitter leading the way with successfully-launched PWAs, it only seems a matter of time until everyone else follows suit. We take a look at everything you could want to know about PWAs…

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September 27th 2018

Easy SEO Tricks For Travel Brands

Every day, millions of people start the search for their next holiday. For most of these people, that search starts with Google. We take a look at some easy SEO tricks to get your travel brand ranking at the top of the search engines…

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September 20th 2018

10 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

From quick tutorials on how to fix a chair to full-blown courses on investing in the stock market, YouTube has become the go-to place to learn something new. We’ve rounded up 10 of the very best YouTube channels to help touch up your digital marketing knowledge…

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September 11th 2018

7 Psychological Marketing Tricks To Boost Sales

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing can be predicting how your audience will behave. Luckily for us marketers, there are some basic psychological tricks that can play a huge role in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions…

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September 5th 2018

August 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

In the August edition of our monthly content round-up we take a look at WordPress’ new visual editor tool ‘Gutenberg’, some of the most common digital marketing mistakes, Google’s recent core algorithm update and more…

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August 29th 2018

9 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

There really is no better way to learn something new than by making a mistake, but it always feels better when someone can make that mistake for you. We take a look at 9 of the most common digital marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them…

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August 24th 2018

Google Rolls Out Core Algorithm Update

Recently seen a dip in website traffic? That could be down to Google’s latest core algorithm update at the start of August 2018. We discuss everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Medic’ Update…

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August 23rd 2018

Snapchat Launches Speech Recognition Lenses

Snapchat recently launched its speech recognition lenses, which use basic phrases such as “Hi”, “Wow” or “Love” to activate on-screen animations. We discuss what this move could mean for the platform…

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August 17th 2018

House Of Fraser: An Organic Search Disaster

Following thousands of missing orders and an outcry on social media, House of Fraser made the decision to shut down its website and cancel all online orders. On the surface, everything seems to follow best practices, but in reality this has been an organic search disaster…

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August 14th 2018

11 Tips To Smash Your Instagram Strategy

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has made its name as one of the most influential social media platforms right now. In this video, our content marketing expert shares 11 inside tips on how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy…

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August 1st 2018

July 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

In the July edition of our monthly content round-up we take a look at the best and worst marketing campaigns from the World Cup, Google’s whopping $5bn fine from the European Commission, our top plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and more…

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July 30th 2018

Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencers In 2019

As one of the most sought-after skills right now, the number of digital marketing influencers popping up is growing faster than ever. We highlight 25 of the top influencers across SEO, content marketing and everything in between…

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July 27th 2018

Google Brings Hotel Ads Into Ads Platform

Google recently announced at its ‘Google Marketing Live Summit’ that it will be bringing Hotel Ads into the main Google Ads platform with the launch of a new campaign type. What will this mean for businesses in the hospitality & events industry?

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July 26th 2018

Instagram Tests New Verification Process

Reports suggest that Instagram is testing a process that allows users to apply for a verified account. We discuss what this could mean for the platform and why the social media giants have made this move…

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July 25th 2018

Google Launches Jobs Service In The UK

One of the biggest stories this week has been the launch of Google’s new Jobs service in the UK. We take a look at some of the key areas of the new service and discuss what it could mean for other major job sites…

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July 24th 2018

Google Fined $5bn By The EU

Google has made headlines after receiving a whopping $5bn fine by the European Commission for breaching European Law by using the Android Operating System to ‘illegally cement its dominant position in search’. We discuss what this means and whether this was the right decision by the EU…

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July 17th 2018

What Can Brands Learn From Marketing At The 2018 World Cup?

The World Cup has become a playing field for brands with huge marketing budgets and this year certainly hasn’t disappointed. From Wish to Mastercard, we take a look at the best and worst marketing campaigns from the tournament to see what lessons we can learn…

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July 10th 2018

7 Essential Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

Opening Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time can be overwhelming to say the least. One way to make the editing process a whole load easier is by using plugins to eliminate a lot of the manual work. In this blog, we highlight 7 essential plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro…

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July 5th 2018

25 Confusing Digital Buzzwords Explained

It’s fair to say the business world is taking huge strides forward in regards to digital and tech. But with just 42% of CEOs having begun digital business transformation there’s still a surprising need for digital literacy in the C-Suite. We break down 25 confusing digital buzzwords…

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July 2nd 2018

June 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

In the June edition of our monthly content round-up we discuss some ideas for your next email marketing campaign, how to maintain a consistent flow of social media content whilst you’re on holiday, Instagram’s new long-form video platform ‘IGTV’ and more…

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June 21st 2018

How To Automate Your Social Media Schedule Whilst On Holiday

It’s getting to that time of the year where employees start taking their holidays for the summer. From a marketing perspective this is far from ideal, often leaving businesses with minimal content going out. In this blog, we discuss how you can automate your social media content schedule whilst on holiday…

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April 12th 2018

5 Instagram Business Marketing Best Practices

As one of the largest social networks, with over 800 million users, B2B marketers simply can’t afford to ignore Instagram. We’ve rounded up our top tips to ensure you’re following Instagram business marketing best practices…

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March 26th 2018

5 Steps To B2B Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound marketing has shot to fame over the last few years, known as a popular technique to ‘attract’ customers rather than simply sell to them. Find success through your B2B inbound marketing in no time with these 5 steps…

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March 20th 2018

15 Inbound Marketing Stats You Need To See

One popular marketing technique that you may have heard about is Inbound Marketing, whereby you aim to ‘attract’ your customers rather than pushing your product to them. We’ve rounded up 15 eye-catching statistics to give you an idea of just how powerful Inbound Marketing can be…

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July 17th 2015

Remote team efficiency, the tools that help us get it right!

When you defy convention within an established industry there is always going to be people that judge what you are doing and the way you are doing it. Flaunt Digital is a fully remote digital agency, the majority of the team comes from agency pedigree so we have been there and we know the mechanics

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