What does it mean when marketers say “create content”?

Posted June 7, 2016 by & filed under Content Marketing, SEO.

“Content is anything that adds value to a reader’s life.” ~ Avinash Kaushik With the growth of content marketing over the last 3-4 years the phrase “create content” has become common among marketers recommending strategies for their clients. This is great and generally it is relevant advice, but what does it actually mean? There are so

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How to Enable Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

Posted May 24, 2016 by & filed under Content Marketing, SEO, Web Development.

Now that Google is presenting AMP-enabled (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles right at the top of UK mobile SERPs, it’s becoming important for content-marketers and blog developers to look into enabling AMP on their websites. The actual location of the AMP articles varies depending on the term (it seems like terms which are currently trending in

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What is micro content & why is it important?

Posted May 9, 2016 by & filed under Content Marketing.

With the rise of content marketing’s popularity naturally there is now an ecosystem of terms and techniques that sit uniquely within content marketing. One key term that has become a “buzzword” within content marketing is “micro content”. What the hell is micro content? There are lots of definitions of what micro content is but to

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