Content Marketing

May 23rd 2019

Video Frame Rates: What Do They All Mean?

As one of the most important technical aspects of videography, knowing the correct frame rate to use can be the difference between success and failure. In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about the most popular frame rates…

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May 2nd 2019

What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Flaunt?

For those of you that follow our on-site blog, you’ve probably asked yourself the question “What does Flaunt even mean?”. After years of being asked this question, we decided that it would be useful to explain the answer in detail…

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March 5th 2019

Top 10 CMS Platforms For 2019

In 2019, CMS platforms are the go-to solution for building, managing and optimising any business website. In this blog, we take a look at the top 10 CMS platforms right now…

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December 18th 2018

How To Write A Killer Blog Title

Ever wondered if your blog title is as good as it could be? Daniel, our Search & Content Executive, shares some of the best practices he follows whilst putting together blog titles…

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December 6th 2018

Our Favourite Christmas Ads Of 2018

Ever since the early days of Coca Cola’s Christmas ads, the holiday season has been closely associated with high-budget advertising campaigns. We round up some of the best Christmas adverts from 2018…

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October 12th 2018

How To Create Better Social Content By Being More Visual

As audiences demand more visual content, social media can be the perfect environment to use more creative formats to boost engagement and increase sales. Victoria Greene shares her top tips for creating better visual content in her latest guest blog post…

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October 12th 2018

September 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

September was an exciting month for the Flaunt Digital team, making the move to new offices in the heart of Leeds city centre! We have an equally-exciting content round-up to whet your appetite…

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September 20th 2018

10 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

From quick tutorials on how to fix a chair to full-blown courses on investing in the stock market, YouTube has become the go-to place to learn something new. We’ve rounded up 10 of the very best YouTube channels to help touch up your digital marketing knowledge…

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September 11th 2018

7 Psychological Marketing Tricks To Boost Sales

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing can be predicting how your audience will behave. Luckily for us marketers, there are some basic psychological tricks that can play a huge role in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions…

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September 5th 2018

August 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

In the August edition of our monthly content round-up we take a look at WordPress’ new visual editor tool ‘Gutenberg’, some of the most common digital marketing mistakes, Google’s recent core algorithm update and more…

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August 14th 2018

11 Tips To Smash Your Instagram Strategy

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has made its name as one of the most influential social media platforms right now. In this video, our content marketing expert shares 11 inside tips on how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy…

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August 7th 2018

WordPress: An Introduction To Gutenberg

WordPress recently launched its latest update, 4.9.8, which includes a call-to-action to ‘Try Gutenberg’. In our latest video, the Flaunt Digital CTO, Jamie, gives an introduction to Gutenberg and what you can expect from the new visual editor…

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August 1st 2018

July 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

In the July edition of our monthly content round-up we take a look at the best and worst marketing campaigns from the World Cup, Google’s whopping $5bn fine from the European Commission, our top plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and more…

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July 17th 2018

What Can Brands Learn From Marketing At The 2018 World Cup?

The World Cup has become a playing field for brands with huge marketing budgets and this year certainly hasn’t disappointed. From Wish to Mastercard, we take a look at the best and worst marketing campaigns from the tournament to see what lessons we can learn…

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July 5th 2018

25 Confusing Digital Buzzwords Explained

It’s fair to say the business world is taking huge strides forward in regards to digital and tech. But with just 42% of CEOs having begun digital business transformation there’s still a surprising need for digital literacy in the C-Suite. We break down 25 confusing digital buzzwords…

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June 21st 2018

How To Automate Your Social Media Schedule Whilst On Holiday

It’s getting to that time of the year where employees start taking their holidays for the summer. From a marketing perspective this is far from ideal, often leaving businesses with minimal content going out. In this blog, we discuss how you can automate your social media content schedule whilst on holiday…

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June 14th 2018

5 Ideas For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Even from the early days of online marketing, email has played a crucial role in allowing brands to reach their ideal customer with the click of a button. In our latest blog post, we’ve rounded up 5 ideas that you could use for your next email marketing campaign…

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June 5th 2018

An Easy Guide To Creating A Blog Calendar

An onsite blog can play an integral part in your SEO & wider digital marketing strategy. But for a lot of businesses it’s something they simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do. Here’s everything you need to know about starting your blog with just one hour a week…

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June 1st 2018

May 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

In the first edition of our monthly content round-up, we discuss our top time-saving tools for digital marketers, how to maintain a consistent flow of social media content, the best marketing campaigns of all time and more…

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May 31st 2018

7 Time-Saving Tools For Digital Marketers

With so many different marketing channels, one of the biggest challenges for marketers is finding the time to maintain and optimise them all. Our Inbound Marketing Executive shares his 7 top time-saving tools for digital marketers…

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May 24th 2018

Content: The Future Of Marketing?

Over the last decade, content marketing has become hugely popular amongst marketers, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping here. We discuss the growing importance of producing high quality content to reach your audience…

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May 15th 2018

Using Buyer Personas To Perfect Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most critical aspects of any successful marketing strategy is to understand your audience. We discuss how buyer personas can help you step into the mind of your ideal customers, along with everything you need to know about creating your personas…

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May 9th 2018

How To Craft (And Maintain) A Weekly Social Media Schedule

In order to truly reap the benefits of social media marketing it’s vital that you have a steady stream of quality content, but this is often where businesses struggle the most. We’ve put together some tips to help you craft (and maintain) a consistent schedule of quality social media content…

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April 25th 2018

The Power Of Brand Storytelling

With the modern attention span becoming shorter and shorter, marketers are using more engaging media formats such as video to catch the eyes of potential customers. Our CEO, Lee, discusses the power of using storytelling in video…

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April 24th 2018

The Growth Of Video As A Format

Lee shares some insights into how video has grown in popularity as a format over recent years and how content creators can use video to improve their content marketing strategy…

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April 16th 2018

Facebook Removing 3rd-Party Targeting Data

Following the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, Facebook has made the decision to remove third-party targeting data. We discuss how this could impact the social media giant’s advertising platform…

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April 5th 2018

Instagram Expands Shoppable Posts

Instagram recently announced it will be expanding the rollout of shoppable organic posts to eight new countries. The Flaunt Digital team discusses how this could shape the future of the platform…

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April 4th 2018

Twitter Tests Breaking News Feature

In the latest episode of Industry Spotlight Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss their take on Twitter’s decision to test a new ‘breaking news’ feature, in which breaking news is the first thing that a user sees on their timeline…

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March 14th 2018

Facebook Tests ‘Breaking News’ Feature

Facebook revealed it is testing a ‘Breaking News’ feature in the US, in what could be one of the first steps it has made to encouraging more ‘meaningful interactions’. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what it could mean for the platform’s future…

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March 9th 2018

The Power Of Influencer Marketing

With Facebook’s recent organic search algorithm update, Google Chrome launching an ad-blocker and the ever-changing state of digital it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to reach their target audience. This has helped make way for a newer form of marketing known as ‘Influencer Marketing’…

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March 9th 2018

Google Launches AMP Stories

Google is currently testing AMP Stories, a rich content format similar to the likes of Instagram Stories. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what AMP Stories actually are and how they could impact the world of digital…

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February 23rd 2018

Why Video Needs To Be At The Top Of Your Marketing Agenda

With video content becoming easier than ever to produce, it’s something that more and more businesses are experimenting with. E-commerce marketing expert, Victoria Greene, shares her thoughts on the benefits of incorporating video into your marketing strategy…

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February 22nd 2018

Facebook Loses Users For The First Time Ever

Facebook reported that users were spending 50 million hours less on the platform, with a loss of 2.8 million users under 25 – the first time the platform has ever lost users in the US & Canada. The Flaunt Digital team discusses how this could impact the world of social media…

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February 15th 2018

Snapchat Launches The ‘Snap Store’

Snapchat recently launched its very own in-app shopping section, the ‘Snap Store’, selling a range of Snapchat-branded products such as dancing hot dogs. But could there be more to it than this?

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February 9th 2018

Snapchat Stories Available To Non-Snapchat Users

Snapchat recently announced their decision to open up selected Snapchat stories to non-Snapchat users. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what impact this could have on Snapchat and the wider marketing community…

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August 25th 2016

How you should be reporting on content marketing ROI

The awareness of how powerful and profitable content marketing can be (if executed correctly) has risen dramatically over the last five years. To deploy continued successful content marketing you have to understand performance.

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June 7th 2016

What does it mean when marketers say “create content”?

“Content is anything that adds value to a reader’s life.” ~ Avinash Kaushik With the growth of content marketing over the last 3-4 years the phrase “create content” has become common among marketers recommending strategies for their clients. This is great and generally it is relevant advice, but what does it actually mean? There are so

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June 2nd 2016

4 Ways to Optimise Your AMP Content

As we mentioned in our recent article, How to Enable Google AMP on Your WordPress Site, Google’s AMP is becoming an important channel for maximising your content exposure and visibility. However, the previous post simply focused on getting the fundamentals in place for making sure your content is ready and available in your WordPress site.

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May 24th 2016

How to Enable Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

Now that Google is presenting AMP-enabled (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles right at the top of UK mobile SERPs, it’s becoming important for content-marketers and blog developers to look into enabling AMP on their websites. The actual location of the AMP articles varies depending on the term (it seems like terms which are currently trending in

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May 9th 2016

What is micro content & why is it important?

With the rise of content marketing’s popularity naturally there is now an ecosystem of terms and techniques that sit uniquely within content marketing. What Is Micro Content? One key term that has become a “buzzword” within content marketing is “micro content”. There are lots of definitions of what micro content is but to put it

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